Manoj Jain

GAIL India Ltd.

Chairman & Managing Director

Shri Manoj Jain, Chairman & Managing Director, GAIL India Ltd., possesses rich and diverse experience encompassing more than 34 years with GAIL (India) Ltd. in the areas of Business Development, Projects, O&M, Petrochemicals, Pipeline Integrity Management, and Marketing, which has allowed him to gain insight and knowledge across multiple business units and functional areas. As Chairman and Managing Director of GAIL (India) Limited, Shri Jain is currently Chairman of GAIL GLOBAL (USA) Inc. (GGUI), GAIL GLOBAL (USA) LNG LLC (GGULL), GAIL Gas Limited (GGL), Brahmaputra Cracker & Polymer Limited (BCPL), Konkan LNG. Ltd (KL), and Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL), and Director of Petronet LNG Limited (PLL). In his previous stint as Director (BD), he was responsible for building GAIL’s business portfolio in India and abroad, Merger and Acquisition; Petrochemical O&M; Expansion, Exploration & Production; R&D; Start-Up; Health, Safety, and Environment Management; Quality Management; and Project Development, including feasibility studies and investment approval for new pipelines, process plants, renewables, etc. In his role as Executive Director (Marketing-Gas), Shri Jain was responsible for gas marketing activities. As Chief Operating Officer of Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Ltd., (BCPL), he spearheaded the installation and commissioning of the USD 1.4 billion grassroots petrochemical complex. Shri Jain worked for a number of years in Operation & Maintenance at the corporate level, managing gas business logistics and operation and management of all the company’s pipelines. In the process, he played a significant role in establishing the National Gas Management Centre (NGMC) and systems and procedures for transmission and marketing of comingled gases. He is a Mechanical Engineering graduate and holds an MBA in operations management.


Tuesday, October 27

  • 06:45pm - 07:20pm

    Executive Conference

    Growing Share of Gas in India's Energy Mix: What is realistic?

    To diversify India’s energy mix and develop a gas-based economy, India has set an ambitious target of increasing the share of natural gas in its primary energy mix from 6% to 15% by 2030. The government has launched targeted reforms for development of natural gas infrastructure, expansion of city distribution networks, market-determined gas pricing, and increased domestic gas production. For LNG developers, India therefore offers great potential.

    What are the prospects and challenges for increasing the share of gas in different sectors of the economy?
    What role can LNG play to support that objective, and how can the global gas market support India’s import needs?
    What needs to happen to further promote India’s LNG imports?
    Is the current price regime adequate for gas to reach 15% of the primary energy mix?
    Is gas a competitive commodity at the consumer level to grow the share of gas for power and industrial uses?
    What are some international best practices for gas markets and pricing that can be adapted for India?