Hon. Kenneth Humphreys

U.S. Department of Energy

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy

Kenneth K. Humphreys serves as the U.S. Department of Energy’s Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy. In this role he oversees the Department’s $740 million coal, oil, and gas research and development programs; LNG import and export authorizations; and the U.S. strategic petroleum reserves. Mr. Humphreys has over 30 years of successful corporate management and energy technology development experience. Most recently, Mr. Humphreys served as Chief Executive Officer of a commercial power project development company that made landmark advancements to oxy-combustion power generation and CO2 storage technology. He began his career at Battelle where he was engaged in technology development related to fossil and renewable energy. His focus was systems-level performance and project financing. While at Battelle Pacific Northwest Division, he rose to a senior management position providing leadership for the organization’s government and private sector fossil energy business. He received his bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering from West Virginia University and a master’s degree in engineering management from Washington State University. 

SESSIONS WITH Hon. Kenneth Humphreys

Tuesday, 27 October

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    The Hydrogen Economy

    Hydrogen has the potential to play an important role in meeting the future energy needs of transportation and power generation. The complex value chain of hydrogen as an energy source consists of production, storage, transportation, re-fueling stations, fuel cell vehicles, and power generation. 

    Is hydrogen finally going to break through? Is this time different?
    How can India create large-scale, affordable hydrogen supply resources?
    How will industry collaborate to create a hydrogen energy eco-system?
    What policy interventions are needed?
    With both real and perceived safety issues around hydrogen, will the fuel get public acceptance?
    What are key signposts for India?