Bryan Glover

Honeywell UOP

President & CEO

Bryan Glover is President and CEO of Honeywell UOP. In his thirty-five years with the company, he has held positions of increasing responsibility in areas ranging from research and development, technical services, sales support and product line management. Prior to his current role, Bryan served as Vice President and General Manager for the Refining business within UOP Process Technology (UPT). Prior to that, he served as, Sr Director of Development in R&D where he was accountable for leading the development of new products and technologies within Honeywell UOP. Bryan is the inventor or co-inventor for more than 60 U.S. patents. Bryan earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Michigan Technological University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Sessions With Bryan Glover

Friday, 22 October

  • 02:10pm - 02:40pm (IST) / 22/oct/2021 08:40 am - 22/oct/2021 09:10 am

    Technologies to Deliver Climate Goals

    Live Stream

    Technology is at the core of the energy business. An unprecedented scale-up is needed in low-carbon technologies to achieve global climate goals. While much progress has been made in renewable energy, other sectors that are major sources of emissions—such as heavy industry, transportation, and agriculture—have not yet developed cost-competitive low-carbon technologies. At the same time, there is a strong push on technologies such as hydrogen, long duration storage, and CCUS. Reducing emissions will require both hardware and software. How should companies integrate the best of both in India? There are many technologies vying to be part of the climate solution. Which of these have the potential to be scalable? Are there specific policies that will make these technologies more attractive? What support structures are needed to encourage innovation, research, and invention in energy technologies in India? What is the role of digital technologies in supporting sustainable development?