Alex Klaessig

IHS Markit

Director, Power and Renewables

Alex Klaessig, Director, IHS Markit Power and Renewables, specializes in understanding how environmental constraints affect energy production, with a focus on power generation. Mr. Klaessig is responsible for analysis of regulations affecting the power sector and is a contributor to the IHS Markit North American Gas and Power Scenarios. Prior to joining IHS Energy, Mr. Klaessig was an analyst at Abt Associates, a US government consultancy. His work focused on modeling the economic impact of proposed rulemakings and identifying potential noncompliance with air, water, or waste regulations. He also worked at the US Environmental Protection Agency as a project manager for the Office of Environmental Information. Mr. Klaessig holds a BS from the University of Delaware and an MPP from American University.

Sessions With Alex Klaessig

Friday, 22 October

  • 03:00pm - 03:30pm (IST) / 22/oct/2021 09:30 am - 22/oct/2021 10:00 am

    Innovation Agora

    Hydrogen's Role in India's Energy Mix?


    The Indian government is showing an increasing focus to create conditions for the launch of the hydrogen economy in India. In his recent Independence Day speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the setting up of the National Hydrogen Mission and said that India would be a global hub for hydrogen production and export. What are the critical elements of building a hydrogen economy in India? What will be the competitive landscape of the new hydrogen economy? What role will the current oil and gas companies play in scaling up and achieving economies of scale? What barriers need to be overcome to implement the Make in India approach to the idea of a hydrogen economy? How can the Indian hydrogen economy be designed competitively, to fulfil the vision of a Global Hub for hydrogen production and export?