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Scaling Energy Choices: From pilot to commerciality

Monday, 26 October

7:50 pm - 8:25 pm / -

There is widespread and growing consensus today that that the transition to zero carbon energy sources should be accelerated to mitigate the impact of global warming and the associated changes in our climate. India’s growing energy needs will require rapid scaling of a wide spectrum of energy sources and technological solutions.

What are the most scalable options to meet growing energy demand in India?
How can gas in combination with renewables provide reliable and affordable power supply?
What is needed for EVs to leapfrog internal combustion engine cars and two- and three-wheelers?
How could domestic bioenergy and biofuels sources be scaled rapidly to meet growing demands in the transportation sector?
How far and how fast can traditional energy companies shift their portfolios toward new forms of energy?
What role can financial institutions play to accelerate commercialization of new technologies?
What are some policy and regulatory interventions required to accelerate the commerciality of pilots and achieve scale and materiality? 

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