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  • 13 - 15 October 2019, New Delhi, India
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Concurrent Plenary

New Energy Sources in India's Energy Mix

Tuesday, October 15

02:00 pm - 02:45 pm

Although “Energy Transition” is the buzzword in the energy sector these days, changing the energy system is a slow process. Large parts of the energy value chain are becoming decentralized, and technology will be the key to deciding which fuels will grow and which will shrink. India needs clarity on its long- and short-term policy goals and an integrated energy policy to achieve its economic and climate goals. What are the most important policy goals, and what factors should be considered in developing a long-term energy vision and plan? How can different stakeholders collaborate to create an energy ecosystem which serves dual needs of attracting capital and evolving with technology & time?

Session Speakers
  • Atul Arya

    IHS Markit

    Senior Vice President & Chief Energy Strategist

  • Manoj Kohli

    SB Energy (Soft Bank Group)

    Executive Chairman

  • Sashi Mukundan

    BP plc

    Regional President & Head of Country - India

  • Nitin Prasad

    Shell Companies in India


  • R. P. Gupta

    NITI Aayog

    Additional Secretary