Suruchi Rao

Ossus Biorenewables


Dr. Suruchi Rao is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Ossus Biorenewables, a Bangalore-based bioenergy company providing hydrogen recovery as a service during wastewater treatment for process industries across United States and India. Ossus is currently working with upstream and downstream oil and gas, the steel industry, and the maritime industry to convert their wastewater streams into a viable source of hydrogen using their patent pending product, the OB HydraCel device. Dr. Rao holds a PhD in Process Engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT) in Mumbai and has been working on waste-to-bioenergy projects for the last ten years.


Wednesday, 28 October

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    Indian Energy Innovation

    Energy companies are making efforts to reinvent themselves by taking advantage of new technologies to make their operations safe, reliable, and efficient. Innovations in digitalization and clean energy solutions offer the prospect to increase sustainability, productivity, and efficiency of existing activities throughout the energy chain. New opportunities are emerging in the production and transportation of energy, and in how companies interact with consumers.

    What is the state of energy innovation in India?
    Which technologies offer the most promise?
    Can the industry rapidly deploy new innovations?
    Which types of players and partnerships hold the key?
    How can the Indian diaspora help accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation in India?