Simon Blakey

IHS Markit

Advisor, Global Gas

Simon Blakey is the Managing Director, SAB Global Energy and Senior Associate, Energy Group, IHS Markit. Mr. Blakey is a leading authority on the European energy industry. Previously, he acted as Special Envoy for EUROGAS, the association of European gas companies from September 2010 through June 2014. In 1989 Mr. Blakey founded the European natural gas and power research practices at Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) prior to its acquisition by IHS Markit, where—for almost 20 years—he undertook more than 100 research and consulting assignments that covered a broad range of strategic issues for energy companies worldwide, especially those active in the natural gas business in Europe. Before joining CERA, Mr. Blakey was Special Assistant to the Executive Director (Head of the Private Office) at the International Energy Agency in Paris. He previously also worked for BP and for the ADL energy group. He holds an MA from Cambridge University.

Sessions With Simon Blakey

Friday, 22 October

  • 02:10pm - 02:40pm (IST) / 22/oct/2021 08:40 am - 22/oct/2021 09:10 am

    Waste to Energy: A scalable solution for India?

    Live Stream

    In the full spectrum of low-carbon solutions, waste-to-energy plays the role of bringing together the value propositions of the circular economy, affordable transport fuels, and revenue streams to the agricultural/municipal waste sectors to generate a range of products such as electricity, biodiesel, and biogas. Recently, the Indian Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, the UN Industrial Development Organization, and the Global Environment Facility jointly launched a loan interest subvention scheme that will provide monetary assistance for innovative waste to energy bio-methanation projects. What is the potential of waste-to-energy in India’s primary energy mix? What are the most promising and scalable technologies in this area? What are the policy actions the Government of India is taking to speed up deployment? The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has characterized Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) projects as “priority sector” for lending, and the State Bank of India has pursued the policy of financing CBG projects. What other financial support mechanisms are needed to accelerate the scaling up of the waste-to-energy sector?