Sangeet Jain


Country Head in India

Sangeet jain is General manager & Director LanzaTech Pvt ltd. Sangeet joined LanzaTech in 2013 after having served 25 years at India Glycols Limited, a large chemicals manufacturing company with focus on Chemicals with low carbon foot print and renewable resource.

In his current role, Sangeet leads LanzaTech’s business development and technology commercialization efforts in India. Sangeet completed his undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering at IIT-BHU Varanasi in 1986 and had his management education at IIM- Ahmedabad.

During his career in Chemicals manufacturing, Sangeet has led start up and operation teams in Chemical plants operating on renewable resources.


Monday, October 14

  • 02:30pm - 03:15pm


    Agora Studio: Biofuels & Waste to Energy: Sustainable energy solutions for India

    India currently imports ~83% of its crude oil requirement. Biofuels, an eco-friendly alternative, could help reduce dependence on crude oil-derived fuel. India has large quantities of solid and liquid wastes, which are expected to increase as urbanization accelerates. Converting waste into energy can have the dual benefit of reducing dependence on imported energy and reducing environmental stress. How can policy measures such as the Ethanol Blending Programme (EBP) and Bio-diesel from Used Cooking Oil (UCO) help promote biofuels? What technological innovations are needed to significantly scale up biofuel production in India? What incentives are needed to attract private investment in the entire value chain?