Rakesh Sarin

BiochemUSA LLC

Country Director, Chief Advisor – Global Corp Management

Rakesh is country director for Biochem USA. Biochem USA is engaged in setting up Biofuels and biorefinery projects globally. He is a global business leader and has been at the helm of operations of large corporations as CEO & Director on Board of companies spanning across all the continents. The recent positions he has held are – Global President Energy Solutions & Executive VP on the Wartsila Corporation Board of Management followed by CEO International Business & Global Services and member of the Executive Group of Suzlon Energy. While steering multi-billion dollar global companies he has gained strong business insights of Energy Sector as well as acquired valuable acumen to nurture cross cultural human capital. He acknowledges and practices the power of strategic innovation; value add partnering and engaged human capital. He considers these as potent tools to handle emerging challenges and create winning differentiators for nurturing and growing business. He has been distinguished speaker in international forums and top table policy shaping events and is intimately engaged in the multi-dimensional complexities of the fast changing energy world. He is truly passionate for the cause of creating a cleaner, greener and healthy environment.

Rakesh is currently engaged with Biochem USA to provide mentorship and advisory related to their business growth and development of large renewable energy platforms. His corporate journey over the years is appended below:

- Country director, Biochem USA (www.biochemusa.com)

- Suzlon Energy (www.suzlon.com) for 2 years starting Jan 2016 as CEO International Business & Global Services and member of the Executive Group.

- Wartsila Corporation (www.wartsila.com) for 18 years starting 1998 till 2015 leading up to President Energy Solutions & Executive VP on the Wartsila Board of Management based in Helsinki. He was simultaneously on the board of Wartsila network companies as Chairman of Wartsila UAE, Wartsila Projects Oy, Finland, Wartsila India and Director on the Boards of Wartsila China, Wartsila USA and Wartsila Development & Financial Services, Finland.

- IBP Caltex for 4 years starting from 1994 as Country Manager for a start-up company handling technical, manufacturing, commercial & retail marketing of lubricants and international sourcing

- Indian Oil Corp for 15 years starting from 1977 in various functions of its Marketing Division

Rakesh is a chemical engineer and distinguished alumni of IIT BHU, London Business School & Said Business School, Oxford. He currently lives in Gurgaon.


Monday, October 14

  • 02:30pm - 03:15pm


    Agora Studio: Biofuels & Waste to Energy: Sustainable energy solutions for India

    India currently imports ~83% of its crude oil requirement. Biofuels, an eco-friendly alternative, could help reduce dependence on crude oil-derived fuel. India has large quantities of solid and liquid wastes, which are expected to increase as urbanization accelerates. Converting waste into energy can have the dual benefit of reducing dependence on imported energy and reducing environmental stress. How can policy measures such as the Ethanol Blending Programme (EBP) and Bio-diesel from Used Cooking Oil (UCO) help promote biofuels? What technological innovations are needed to significantly scale up biofuel production in India? What incentives are needed to attract private investment in the entire value chain?

Tuesday, October 15

  • 03:00pm - 03:45pm

    Concurrent Plenary

    Future for Refining & New Avenues for Downstream Growth

    Global oil demand, driven by China and India, has grown strongly in recent years. Global economic slowdown and trade disputes, however, are creating uncertainty about future growth prospects for the refining industry. There is concern that increasingly stringent policies aimed at decarbonization and local air quality will affect the downstream oil business. Further technological advancements and disruptions in mobility are creating concerns that a peak in oil demand may lead to stranded assets. What strategies should refineries adopt to manage uncertain business environment? What is the future viability of integrated facilities? What are the opportunities and risks in India for investment in integrated facilities?