Lorenzo Simonelli

Baker Hughes

Chairman & CEO

Lorenzo Simonelli is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Baker Hughes. Baker Hughes is an energy technology company that combines innovation, expertise, and scale to provide solutions for energy and industrial customers worldwide. Mr. Simonelli was named Chairman of the Board in October 2017 and has been President and CEO since the Company’s creation in 2017, where he oversaw the successful merger of GE Oil & Gas with Baker Hughes Inc. Since 2013 he served as President and CEO of GE Oil & Gas. Previously, Mr. Simonelli served as President and CEO of GE Transportation, a global transportation leader in the rail, mining, marine, and energy storage industries. During his five-year tenure, he expanded and diversified GE Transportation by focusing on advanced technology manufacturing, intelligent control systems, and a diverse approach to new propulsion solutions. He has also served as Chief Financial Officer, Americas, for GE Consumer & Industrial, as well as General Manager, Product Management, for GE Appliances, Lighting, Electrical Distribution, and Motors. Mr. Simonelli joined GE’s Financial Management Program in 1994, where he worked on assignments in GE International, GE Shared Services, GE Oil & Gas, and Consolidated Financial Insurance. He currently serves on the Board of CNH Industrial. Mr. Simonelli is a business and economics graduate from Cardiff University in South Wales.

SESSIONS WITH Lorenzo Simonelli

Tuesday, 27 October

  • 05:35pm - 06:10pm / -

    Executive Conference

    Technologies to Optimize Costs, Recovery & Emissions in the Upstream

    Indian operators are facing the dual pressures of lowering costs and increasing recoveries to remain competitive, and of decarbonizing the business. These aspirations are not mutually exclusive; the most efficient and effective oil companies tend to be those doing the most to curb their emissions. This session explores efforts underway in both areas along with the intersection between the two.

    What emerging technologies and innovative practices can Indian operators deploy today to drive lower costs, higher recoveries, and reduced emissions associated with operations?
    What is a realistic scope of performance improvements achievable through such means?
    Where is there strong alignment between these areas?