James Burkhard

S&P Global

Vice President, Oil Markets, Energy & Mobility

Jim Burkhard, Vice President, Oil Markets, Energy & Mobility at S&P Global, is recognized as one of the world’s top analysts on global oil markets and on the future of energy and transportation. Based in Washington, DC, Mr. Burkhard is Vice President and Head of crude oil market and energy and mobility research. Mr. Burkhard is a member of the S&P Global Energy Research Council overseeing thought leadership across global energy and has over 20 years of experience in the international oil business. He is responsible for the development and coordination of S&P Global insights and messages for global and regional oil markets and scenarios. His expertise covers geopolitics, industry dynamics, and global oil demand and supply trends. Mr. Burkhard also leads research into how changes in the automotive ecosystem are impacting the future of the energy, automotive, and chemical industries. He led the groundbreaking IHS Markit study, Reinventing the Wheel (RTW): The future of cars, oil, chemicals, and electric power. RTW has been cited by numerous press outlets around the world including the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, CNBC, Bloomberg, and media outlets in China, Europe, and India. Mr. Burkhard has also led the development of each generation of IHS Markit global scenarios, which have been prescient in their anticipation of major changes in the global energy market such as the price collapses of 2008-09 and 2014-15. Mr. Burkhard has testified before the US Congress on energy issues and is frequently sought for comment by global media. He has also participated in US National Petroleum Council (NPC) studies that provide policy recommendations to the US Secretary of Energy on oil and gas issues. Prior to joining Cambridge Energy Research Associates before its acquisition by IHS Markit, Mr. Burkhard was a member of the US Peace Corps in Niger, West Africa, where he directed infrastructure projects to improve water availability and credit facilities. He holds a BA from Hamline University and an MS from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Sessions With James Burkhard

Wednesday, 20 October

  • 04:35pm - 05:05pm (IST) / 20/oct/2021 11:05 am - 20/oct/2021 11:35 am

    Will High Prices Accelerate the Transition Away from Oil?

    Live Stream

    In the past, high oil prices have increased the cost competitiveness of low-carbon energy alternatives and made such investments more attractive. Oil and gas prices are now reaching multi-year highs, creating additional momentum by policy makers and environmentalists to further accelerate the pace of transition. Will high oil prices, even for a short duration, help accelerate transition? Will volatility in commodity prices encourage regulators to restrict oil and gas investments? Will high oil prices facilitate faster electrification in the transport sector? Are high commodity prices necessary for this decade to finance the energy transition?

Thursday, 21 October

Friday, 22 October