H. E. Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed

Federal Republic of Somalia

Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources

Work Experience

1983: Worked as a teacher in Mogadishu city (National Service Program)

1989-1991: Worked as a technical Manager of Bardhera Dam Project

1991: Worked as a Field Officer for Care International in Mogadishu

1992: Worked for OXFAM INGO as a Water Engineer in Bay, Bakol and Gedo regions of Somalia

1993-1995: Worked as a contractor for UNISOM Operations in Somalia

1996-2014: Worked as a General Manager for East Asia Modern Engineering Company (EAMECO)

June 2014-Oct 2015: Worked as a Minister of Public Works and Reconstruction for South West State of Somalia

Nov 2015-March 2017: The Minister of Commerce & Industry of the Federal Government of Somalia

Nov 2016-Present: Honorable Member of the Federal Parliament of Somalia

April 2017-Present: Current Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of the Federal Republic of Somalia

SESSIONS WITH H. E. Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed

Tuesday, October 15