Guneet Kaur Dhingra

S&P Global

Research Analyst

Guneet Kaur Dhingra, is a Research Analyst with S&P Global covering competitive analysis and company strategies for large international renewable market players. Ms. Dhingra conducts research on regulatory, policy, institutional changes affecting the investment climate of renewable companies. She also contributes to analysis on nonmainstream technologies particularly with regard to Geothermal. Before joining S&P Global, Ms. Dhingra was an analyst with India Infrastructure Publishing Private Limited. Her main responsibilities included research and analysis on global power, sector development tracking, analysis of market opportunities and risks, company strategies, and support for client requests. Prior to that, she was an analyst with Infraline Energy. Ms. Dhingra holds a diploma from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, India, and a Master’s Degree from Panjab University, India. She is fluent in Hindi, English, and Punjabi.

Sessions With Guneet Kaur Dhingra

Wednesday, 20 October

  • 06:15pm - 06:45pm (IST) / 20/oct/2021 12:45 pm - 20/oct/2021 01:15 pm

    Scaling Clean, Reliable & Domestic Geothermal Energy

    Live Stream

    Clean, renewable geothermal energy is a reliable power source, leaves a small footprint, and can adapt to small- and large-scale installations. Geothermal is a mature renewable energy technology that has the potential to provide clean and reliable energy for power generation and direct heating and cooling applications. India is currently at a nascent stage of geothermal energy utilization. One of the country’s national oil companies is on course to develop India’s first geothermal field development project, putting India on the geothermal power map. How have technological advancements in geothermal helped restore its place in a renewable energy equation dominated by solar and wind? How can uncertainties and associated risks during early-stage geothermal resource development be minimized to avoid cost escalations and delays? How can India develop policies and support mechanisms around funding and environmental impact assessments for geothermal projects? Which global best practices can India implement to realize its geothermal potential?