Dr. Ajay Mathur

International Solar Alliance


The International Solar Alliance is headed by the Director General, who leads the operations and carries out the functions of the ISA Secretariat and is responsible to the ISA Assembly. The Director General has a term of four years and is eligible for re-election. H.E. Dr. Ajay Mathur holds the office of the Director General presently.

Sessions With Dr. Ajay Mathur

Friday, 22 October

  • 11:30am - 12:00pm (IST) / 22/oct/2021 06:00 am - 22/oct/2021 06:30 am

    Achieving Global and India Renewables Goals

    Live Stream

    Economy-wide net-zero carbon targets set by both national governments and corporations offer a significant upside potential to the growth of renewables. Solar and wind will represent almost all new renewable additions. Mainland China, Europe, and North America still dominate renewable additions, but emerging markets will account for over a third of all growth. Investments in renewables will continue to increase, with growth driven by Asia and Europe. What policy mechanisms are necessary to achieve higher penetration of renewables? How can India build a domestic supply chain for renewables and reduce import dependence? What role will storage play to promote grid flexibility and resilience? What are the emerging developments in renewable technologies that will reduce costs? What policy and technology actions are needed to make the power system stable and resilient as the share of solar and wind increases in electricity mix?