Desikan Sundararajan


Managing Director & Country Manager

Dr. Desikan Sundararajan is the Head of Equinor India. Desikan has several years of experience in operations, R&D, business development and technological transformation of operational challenges across automotive, glass and energy industries. With Equinor, Desikan has worked in upstream oil and gas production in the US and also with renewables and CCUS business development in Norway. Desikan has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and an MS in Environmental Engineering. Desikan is known to be a profound thinker and shaper of climate and sustainability issues in the energy industry. He has served on the Steering Committees and as a Technical Advisor for several US Department of Energy funded studies on climate and environment.

Sessions With Desikan Sundararajan

Wednesday, 20 October

  • 04:35pm - 05:05pm (IST) / 20/oct/2021 11:05 am - 20/oct/2021 11:35 am

    Building a Global Green Hydrogen Hub in India

    Live Stream

    Hydrogen is gaining momentum in India’s energy transition. With the announcement of the National Hydrogen Mission in 2021, India aims to become a green hydrogen hub backed by ambitious renewable capacity additions. This will require technological advancements in all forms of hydrogen production, storage, and transportation. IHS Markit expects green hydrogen to be cost-competitive with blue hydrogen production by 2030 in developed economies. What are the key focus areas for India to consider to make the National Hydrogen Mission a reality? Are there any early technological sign posts that are promising for reducing hydrogen costs? How can existing business models and infrastructure support initial uptake of hydrogen in India? What should India do to create reliable supply-chains to manufacture critical components, such as electrolyzers?