Deepesh Rathore

OLA Electric


Deepesh Rathore, Director of Product Strategy, is responsible for the future product roadmap at Ola Electric Mobility. He also oversees strategic new initiatives at the organization and streamlining the focus in terms of products and markets. Earlier this year, he spotted an acquisition opportunity in the form of Amsterdam-based electric mobility startup, Etergo. With the acquisition, Ola Electric would be entering the Global and Indian electric scooter markets, transforming from a shared mobility and ride-hailing company to a new mobility focused automotive manufacturer. A new mobility enthusiast, he is driven by curiosity and passion. Prior to his present assignment, Mr. Rathore has worked as a consultant, entrepreneur, and analyst of the automotive sector in India and emerging markets. In a prior assignment, he led IHS Automotive’s production forecasting operations in India and ASEAN and the offices in Gurgaon. He holds a Mechanical Engineer degree from IIT Dhanbad and studied international business at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.     

SESSIONS WITH Deepesh Rathore

Monday, 26 October

  • 07:10pm - 07:45pm / -


    Mobility of the Future: A turning point for India

    Join us for a discussion where we explore the future mobility outlook for India and beyond, with a focus on vehicle electrification and mobility solutions that could help the wider society move toward a sustainable trajectory in the long term.

    Will India be able to capitalize upon the global drive toward electrification?
    Which mobility solutions will prove to be successful, and why?
    What could be the challenges to deploying new technologies in India?
    Could India become an exporter of affordable mobility technology?