Carolyn Seto

IHS Markit

Director, Upstream Technology & Innovation

Dr. Carolyn Seto, Director, Upstream Technology and Innovation, IHS Markit, investigates the roles technology and innovation play in driving strategic choices companies make in the upstream energy sector—from how a company sources new technology to how a technology development strategy impacts a company’s resource portfolio. Prior to joining IHS Markit, Dr. Seto managed the Quantitative Fuel Analytics Group at Edison Mission Marketing and Trading, where she provided short- and long-term insights on coal, natural gas, and environmental markets and advised senior management on the implications of proposed environmental policies and the emerging North American shale gas supply. She has also worked as a Reservoir Engineer for BP, Shell, and Chevron, in development and operational roles, domestic and international. Dr. Seto was the Clare Boothe Luce Postdoctoral Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she was a co-author on the MIT Future of Natural Gas Study, investigating the impact of unconventional supply on North American, global energy markets, and carbon policy. Dr. Seto holds a BSc from Queen’s University and MSc and PhD degrees from Stanford University.

Sessions With Carolyn Seto