Ashwani Dudeja

Shell Energy India

Country Head

SESSIONS WITH Ashwani Dudeja

Tuesday, October 15

  • 03:00pm - 03:45pm

    Concurrent Plenary

    Gas Markets & Pricing for "New India"

    The share of gas in India’s energy mix is significantly below other major energy-consuming countries. The most evolved gas markets develop when the producers are compensated based on the consumer’s price to replace gas with liquids and/or LNG. Consumers adopt gas when its price is not distorted by tariff and tax regimes. What needs to change for upstream gas pricing in India? Is the current price regime adequate for gas to reach 15% of the primary energy mix? Is gas a competitive commodity at the consumer level for gas into power and gas into industrial uses? What are some international best practices for gas markets and pricing that can be adapted for India?