Anuj Jain

Bosch Mobility Solutions

Vice President, Automotive Strategy

Anuj Jain is the Vice President of the Progressive Mobility Players (PMP) business unit at Bosch Mobility Solutions, where he also holds overall responsibility for the ASEAN market. Prior to this assignment, Mr. Jain was based at Bosch HQ in Germany, working on company’s mobility strategy. An IoT specialist with extensive knowledge across various innovative technologies, he is deeply engaged in realizing the unlimited possibilities that lie at the intersection of smart sensors, connected assets, advanced visualization technologies, and insightful analytics. Joining the company in 2009 as Managing Director for Bosch Software Innovations (Asia Pacific), Mr. Jain assumed global responsibility for IoT Ecosystems in 2013. Later he relocated to Germany to lead Global Sales, Marketing, and Product Management for Bosch Connected Devices. Raised in India and having worked in Japan, Singapore, and Germany, Mr. Jain is an agile global frontline leader, specializing in IoT value chain and new mobility solutions. 


Monday, 26 October

  • 07:10pm - 07:45pm / -


    Mobility of the Future: A turning point for India

    Join us for a discussion where we explore the future mobility outlook for India and beyond, with a focus on vehicle electrification and mobility solutions that could help the wider society move toward a sustainable trajectory in the long term.

    Will India be able to capitalize upon the global drive toward electrification?
    Which mobility solutions will prove to be successful, and why?
    What could be the challenges to deploying new technologies in India?
    Could India become an exporter of affordable mobility technology?