Ali Al Dhaheri

Mubadala Investment Company

Head of Refining – Petroleum & Petrochemicals

Ali Al Dhaheri is the Head of Refining within the Petroleum & Petrochemicals platform at Mubadala Investment Company. In his role, Mr. Al Dhaheri is responsible for the asset management of the refining and marketing portfolio companies, and he spearheads the business development in the new energy mix for the mobility sector. With 20 years of experience, Mr. Al Dhaheri previously held roles at several reputable companies including Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Company (GASCO), Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (now ADNOC Refining), and Abu Dhabi National Chemicals Company (Chemaweyaat). Through these roles, Mr. Al Dhaheri was successful in cultivating and sustaining joint ventures relationships, standardizing key processes and learning mechanisms within these organizations. He also excelled in leading positions across a variety of business responsibilities including procurement, joint venture negotiations, and contracting policies, in addition to technical and commercial evaluations of multi-million-dollar projects. In 2017, he was recognized for his highly collaborative approach with colleagues and external stakeholders alike, receiving Mubadala’s Partnership Award at the company’s annual recognition awards ceremony. Mr. Al Dhaheri holds a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from the University of Southern Colorado, United States.


Wednesday, 28 October

  • 05:25pm - 06:00pm / -

    Executive Conference

    Future of Refining & Petrochemicals in a World of Surplus

    Energy transition is shifting demand from traditional products of refining, including gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. At the same time, the trend is exacerbated by a COVID-19–related drop in fuel demand from the transport sector. Petrochemicals feedstocks, often regarded as by- products of refining activity and priced as such, are likely to take a greater percentage of the barrel. Traditionally, naphtha has sold at little higher than crude oil but this will change as chemicals move from 25%–30% of oil demand growth to 70%–100% of growth when fuel demand reaches a plateau.

    As part of this trend, refinery/petrochemical integration is deepening globally, and the interest of energy companies in chemicals in growing. Strategies are changing and major investments are underway—on a new scale and involving new technologies.

    How will this play out in India
    Which companies will be involved?
    What new regional alliances will be forged?