Ahmed Hashmi

bp p.l.c.

Senior vice president digital, production & business services

Ahmed Hashmi is Senior Vice President Digital, Production & Business Services, at bp plc. He holds executive accountability for shaping and delivering the vision and digital strategy for bp’s oil and gas production and refining operations, and corporate functions. With more than 30 years industry experience, he has held technical, commercial and leadership positions across Amoco and bp’s worldwide operations – Upstream, Downstream and Renewable Energy – in the US, Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Arabian Gulf. A frequent speaker and opinion former in the energy industry, Ahmed was recently recognized among Smart Industry’s list of 50 individuals making a difference on the front lines of the fourth industrial revolution. He holds an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Physics, M.Sc. in Computer Sciences (Operations Research) and MBA in Finance and Economics. He lives in Houston, USA, with his wife and son. His personal interests include reading, travelling with family, music, cycling, swimming, and volunteer work.  

Sessions With Ahmed Hashmi

Wednesday, 20 October

  • 05:35pm - 06:05pm (IST) / 20/oct/2021 12:05 pm - 20/oct/2021 12:35 pm

    Digital Energy: Opportunities to leapfrog?

    Live Stream

    Sustainability and digitalization are driving company strategies across the energy value chain. Perhaps less appreciated, however, are the opportunities available at the intersection of these two concepts. Digital technologies—including AI, cloud computing, and Internet of Things―largely target the optimization and efficiency of processes. Industry sustainability efforts can benefit from such enhanced capabilities by increasing the transparency of energy-related GHG emissions, and then identifying concrete ways to reduce them. In what areas are we seeing meaningful impacts today (e.g., energy efficiency, methane containment, transport optimization), and where do future opportunities lie? Is the broader application of digitalization in the sustainability space dependent on further technology advances, and do organizational issues play a role as well? What types of companies and capabilities need to come together to best develop and realize these opportunities?