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Integrating Gas & Renewables

Thursday, 21 October

11:30 am - 12:00 pm (IST) / 21/oct/2021 06:00 am - 21/oct/2021 06:30 am

The Government of India has the ambitious goal to install 450 GW of renewable energy by 2030. With higher levels of renewable energy penetration that is inherently variable and intermittent, the need for thermal power generation plants will shift from "energy volume" or baseload to "energy option" or peaking resource. Among dispatchable thermal sources, gas offers a complete and versatile solution toward energy transition and power system flexibility. Globally, the role of gas is more notable in markets with high renewable penetration. How can gas and renewables play a complimentary role in fast-forwarding the energy transition of India’s power sector? With abundant and cost competitive coal supplies in India, can imported LNG compete in the power sector? How will the power sector ensure transformation of markets that allow for must-run status and zero renewable power curtailment? How can policies and regulations assess, analyze, and incorporate low-emissions factor of gas and renewable integration in the power mix? How can renewable and gas-based power industries be incentivized to support the case for clean and reliable power?

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