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How Will Gas Fare in the Energy Transition: Beneficiary or casualty?

Friday, 22 October

11:30 am - 12:00 pm (IST) / 22/oct/2021 06:00 am - 22/oct/2021 06:30 am

Natural gas will be an important bridge to reduce emissions and help meet the ambitious decarbonization goals laid out by governments. This is particularly true for developing economies. Low-carbon gas technologies are at a critical juncture. Today’s gas infrastructure is an indispensable asset to support the transition from unabated natural gas to low-carbon gases to drive deeper decarbonization. A low-carbon gas supply, infrastructure, and pipeline business can serve sectors beyond the reach of direct electrification and wires. What is the role of gas to drive faster and deeper decarbonization? How can gas contribute to a full transition to net zero without “lock-in” of emissions? How can unabated natural gas achieve quick wins in emissions reduction, particularly in emerging economies over the next couple of decades? How can emerging technologies and low-carbon gas scale up to make a meaningful contribution to emission reductions?

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